Tailored Facilities to Elevate Your Golf Experience

Personalized Club Fitting Services

At Dukes Meadows, we take pride in offering an exceptional custom fitting service accessible to all. Our facility is equipped with the latest selection of gear from leading manufacturers. Step into our club fitting bay, equipped with state-of-the-art Flightscope radar and computer club fitting technology that provides instantaneous feedback.

Club fitting sessions start from £100 for your bag, with fitting costs completely refundable upon the purchase of any equipment from our Pro Shop. Book a fitting appointment today and our team will walk you through everything to get the best clubs for you and your game.


The Significance of Tailored Club Fitting

While golf enthusiasts dedicate considerable time and resources to finding the latest and greatest equipment, a crucial question often goes unasked: “How can I align my clubs with my unique characteristics rather than settling for a standard set?” Each golfer possesses distinctive physical attributes and swing characteristics. Yet, many utilise generic club sets with standard length, lie, and loft angles. Playing with ill-fitted clubs can impact your game and impede your progress as a golfer.

A personalised golf club fitting ensures that your set aligns perfectly with your individual physical attributes and swing style. A well-fitted set of clubs not only maximises the effectiveness of your swing but also aids in significantly improving your game. Have you ever found yourself questioning the depth and length discrepancy between the toe and heel sides of your divot after hitting an iron shot from a flat fairway? Take a closer look at your divot during your next round. It could be an indication that your current irons are too flat, potentially contributing to slicing the ball or consistently missing greens to the right.

At Dukes Meadows we are certified club fitters for Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist and Vokey Wedges. We specialise in matching clubs to your personal swing dynamics.

Golf Improvement in the Video Analysis Bay

Dukes Meadows offers a state of the art video analysis bay. The use of video enables analysis of movement in slow motion to detect any swing faults for faster diagnosis and correction.

It is an IDS camera system for image capture analysis of the golfer, giving instant visual feedback.

Cost: £15 when booked with a golf lesson.

Further Enquiries

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The Pro Shop

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